Win32.Adialer Description

Win32.Adialeris a dialer program that inserts its component files and folders using various names into the targeted computer system. Once executed, Win32.Adialer may illustrate a certain alert message called 'Private Internet Zone'. Win32.Adialer is able to dial into remote Web pages without the victim's permission using the 'RasDial' API. Win32.Adialer may also dial into adult web pages, causing the computer user being billed premium rates. You're highly recommended to use a decent

security program to get rid of Win32.Adialer.

Technical Information

File System Details

Win32.Adialer creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 %AppData%\ratorefaci\sysrtmvs.exe N/A
2 %AppData%\ratorefaci\disinstalla.htm N/A