Threat Database Adware WEbsaveris


By CagedTech in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 6
First Seen: November 24, 2014
Last Seen: March 4, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

WEbsaveris is a low-quality browser extension that may be used to make money at the expense of PC users. Many PC users around the world have had to deal with low-quality software such as WEbsaveris which takes advantage of PC users rather than providing a useful or reliable service. Computers plagued by WEbsaveris may run slowly and display various performance problems. Unrecognized software, memory processes and files may also appear associated with WEbsaveris. This browser extension also may interfere with how the affected browser works normally, causing it to show numerous unwanted windows, error messages and advertisements. It may be hard to remove WEbsaveris completely from a browser. WEbsaveris's developers purposefully make it hard to remove WEbsaveris entirely, often requiring the use of a reliable security application.

Why Websaveris is Considered a PUP

WEbsaveris is considered adware because WEbsaveris is designed to display advertisements on affected browsers. Web browser add-ons like WEbsaveris are referred to as Potentially Unwanted Programs. In most cases, the presence of WEbsaveris on a computer may be a symptom of the presence of a Trojan or virus that may have delivered WEbsaveris. In some cases, threats linked to WEbsaveris may be acquired from spam email attachments, attack websites or other typical threats delivery routes. However, the most common method by which WEbsaveris is delivered is by including WEbsaveris with shareware or freeware downloads from unreliable sources.

How WEbsaveris may Try to Make Money at Your Expense

As soon as WEbsaveris is installed, WEbsaveris may make unwanted changes to your PC's settings. WEbsaveris may modify the affected Web browser's security settings, default websites, homepage and other settings. WEbsaveris may cause affected browsers to slow down, freeze or crash at random times. WEbsaveris also may affect other software on the affected PC, frequently preventing other, legitimate browser extensions from working properly. One issue that has come up regarding PUPs similar to WEbsaveris is that it may run in the background constantly, gain access to your data and cause the affected computer to slow down. The collected information may be sold to advertisers or used to deliver targeted advertisements to the affected computer.

Dealing with Websaveris and Similar PUPs

Malware researchers recommend removing WEbsaveris immediately with a reliable security program. PC users should uninstall WEbsaveris completely. However, once WEbsaveris has been removed, unwanted components may remain behind, necessitating extra steps to ensure that they have been removed. WEbsaveris may have been installed by a Trojan, which could still be present on the affected computer. WEbsaveris also may have been bundled with other PUPs that may also remain on your computer. Failure to remove WEbsaveris completely may compromise your privacy and make your browser very difficult to use as normal.

Common Problems Linked to Websaveris

The problems listed below are common symptoms that may be linked to Websaveris and similar PUPs:

  • WEbsaveris may cause affected browsers to run slowly, crash or freeze.
  • WEbsaveris may make changes to affected browsers' preferences, including changing their homepage, default Web search engine and security settings.
  • WEbsaveris may insert advertisements into sites viewed on the affected browser.
  • WEbsaveris may cause the affected browser to show pop-up advertisements frequently, interrupting the PC users' activities. These advertisements may also try to convince computer users to install other PUPs or fall for known online tactics.
  • WEbsaveris may be associated with other, more threatening components, that may cause more serious harm to the affected PC.
  • Websaveris may cause the affected browser to redirect to websites linked to Websaveris repeatedly. These types of websites may be websites filled with advertisements or low quality search engines designed to deliver advertisements rather than legitimate search results and are used to profit from advertising or affiliate marketing at the expense of the affected PC user.


WEbsaveris may call the following URLs:


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