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By JubileeX in Browser Hijackers Image is a domain that has been associated with browser hijackers, adware and other types of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Many computer users have reported browser redirects involving the website. These types of symptoms may affect some of the most popular Web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The main problems associated with include pop-up advertisements, browser redirects and decreased Web browser performance. Typical advertisements and pop-up content associated with include tests and surveys and competitions that are part of affiliate marketing schemes. Pop-ups and redirects associated with may be potentially unsafe to your computer. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise treating incidents related to with the help of a strong, reliable anti-malware application.

Pop-ups and Redirects Associated with

Typical complaints about redirects and pop-ups include the fact that these can be extremely annoying and may interfere significantly with your online activity. Technically, PUPs associated with are not considered unsafe. Rather, these types of infections are considered as potentially harmful because they may cause symptoms that are often seen in more advanced threats. However, unlike viruses and Trojans, these types of PUPs can often be removed by uninstalling the browser hijacker and, in most cases, browser hijackers associated with may be avoided by opting out during its installation process. This is because browser hijackers are commonly distributed by bundling browser toolbars and add-ons with shareware and freeware programs. Computer users can follow the installation process and opt out of installing these kinds of unwanted components, although it is not uncommon for computer users to overlook this option.

Common symptoms that often accompany redirects include the following:

  • Pop-up advertisements.
  • Lowered Internet connection speed.
  • Decreased Web browser performance.
  • Links inserted into Web pages.
  • Sliding advertisements.
  • Changes to your Web browser security settings.
  • Changing of your homepage and default search engine to


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