Watch Movies Live

There are countless bogus websites and fake extensions prying on naive online users. An excellent example of this is the Watch Movies Live Web browser extension. This misleading extension claims that it will allow its users to browse and watch movies for free. However, this is not true, and the Watch Movies Live extension will not provide you with the free movies it promises. Instead, you may notice that this bogus extension has meddled with your Web browser settings. The Watch Movies Live extension is known to change both the preferred search engine of the user and their new tab page.

Tricks Users into Utilizing a Third-Party Search Engine

The creators of the Watch Movies Live extension have made sure to make two variants compatible with two of the most popular Web browsers – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both variants of the Watch Movies Live extension have the same capabilities. If the user attempts to use the search bar of the Watch Movies Live extension, a query will be sent to If the user tries to open a new tab, they will be redirected to

These two Web pages utilize the Yahoo Search as a search engine. However, it is likely that the results they deliver may not be the most relevant and useful ones. This is because dodgy extensions like the Watch Movies Live often work hand in hand with dubious advertisement networks that promote shady content that is often presented as the first results of a search query. To present users with more relevant advertisements, the operators of the Watch Movies Live extension may be collecting your browsing history and other data.

Cybersecurity researchers have listed the Watch Movies Live extension as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This is why you should remove the Watch Movies Live extension from your system either manually via your Web browser settings or with the help of a reputable anti-virus application.


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