Warehopi.online is another of the doubtful Internet sites that promote useless and possibly harmful content to their visitors. In most cases, users do not intentionally visit such pages; instead, they get redirected to them by a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) working on their computers unwillingly. PUAs are, for example, adware programs and browser hijackers. Their primary function is to display annoying advertisements and banners on the infected computer's desktop, leading to a deteriorating PC performance and poor browsing experience. However, many of them also collect general browsing data, visited URLs and search terms, and personal user details. That makes them a serious threat to users' online privacy.

When visited, Warehopi.online shows the following message:

'Warehopi.online wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Without a doubt, this is just a clickbait technique to make users allow this website's browser notifications so that it can deliver its advertising material to the target PCs.If your browser has sent you to Warehopi.online or a similar questionable website automatically, you should check your computer for any undesired applications or tools. A professional anti-virus program can detect and remove PUAs that cause Warehopi.online pop-ups and redirects effectively.



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