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Vvoo Ransomware

Vvoo is threatening file-encrypting ransomware that targets crucial documents, images, and videos to encrypt them with a strong cryptographic algorithm. Then, the Vvoo Ransomware attempts to extort money from victims by demanding a ransom payment in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in exchange for access to their data. Cybersecurity researchers note that Vvoo is a variant from the STOP/Djvu malware family. Knowing its origins helps because the threat actors using the STOP/Djvu malware also have been observed to infect the breached devices with additional payloads, so you can beware of it. As a result, victims also may have infostealing malware, such as RedLine and Vidar lurking inside their devices and harvesting confidential data.

Essential Details about the Vvoo Ransomware

Once it has infiltrated the victim's device, Vvoo will scan it for files, such as .doc,.docx,.xls, and .pdf and encrypt them with the '.vvoo' extension, making them inaccessible. The ransomware will then create a '_readme.txt' file containing instructions on how to contact the authors of this malware. According to the ransom note, victims can establish contact with the threat actors by messaging two email addresses - '' and '' email addresses.

How are Malware Threats like Vvoo Ransomware Spread?

The Vvoo Ransomware is likely to be distributed through spam emails, fake software cracks, and exploits. Cybercriminals often send out emails with forged header information to trick users into opening the attached file or clicking on a link inside the email. This can lead to the Vvoo Ransomware infecting the user's computer. Additionally, free programs, keygen tools, or cracks downloaded off of the Internet may contain this ransomware. Exploiting vulnerabilities in programs installed on computers or operating systems also may lead to infection.

To protect yourself from the Vvoo Ransomware, you must be alert for people trying to trick users into clicking on links or replying to messages. Avoid using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing programs, keygen tools, cracks, and other pirated software, as doing so may compromise your data and privacy. Finally, it is essential to keep your operating system and applications up-to-date by downloading and installing updates whenever they are released, as these updates often include security fixes and vulnerability patches.

The full set of instructions left by Vvoo Ransomware is:


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