Threat Database Adware

By GoldSparrow in Adware is a domain used to offer questionable online technical support services that are being promoted via shady techniques. The domain is used to host misleading pop-ups that contain fake and scary information. pop-ups alert users that numerous threats have been found on their machines, and they need to contact a certified computer technician to resolve the issue. The also provides the user with a phone number, 866-261-2971 that they should use to get a technician's help to remove the issue. The information presented by the pop-ups are fake, and calling this number you will be talking to a person that has as its primary task to steal your money, files or other private data. The pop-ups may appear when users try to browse a compromised website, but these pop-ups may also appear if they have adware on their PCs. pop-ups may show up whenever users try to browse the Web and become very intrusive. The best way to handle the pop-ups issue is to download, install, and run a reputable anti-malware product. A full system scan and clean-up should eliminate all source of pop-ups, and restore your web browser's ordinary behavior.


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