By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers is a dubious website that is supported by adware programs browser hijackers. These malware infections linked to may take over the vulnerable Internet browser and cause irritating diversions to suspicious commercial websites involving Suspicious websites such as may display various pop-up advertisements on the screen of the corrupted PC. Browser hijackers and adware applications connected with may add the related toolbar on the hijacked web browser without the computer user's awareness. The associated toolbar is usually inserted by a harmful code that is injected into a vulnerable website or other content, but it can also be delivered via infected documents or files, freeware and shareware applications or malicious spam email attachments. Adware applications and browser hijackers connected with may also modify the default home page or search provider with, or open it in a new tab window on the corrupted Internet browser. Browser hijackers and other malware threats that sponsor may also make modifications to search results in any authentic search system and reroute target Internet users to or similar advertisement websites.


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