The Voodoosrc49.live site is a bogus Web page that is designed to mislead its users into believing that they have won an online giveaway. When the users open the Voodoosrc49.live website, they will be greeted with a banner stating that they are the 5-billionth user to execute a search online and that they have won a prize.

To make their claims appear legitimate, the creators of the Voodoosrc49.live site have added statements from ‘previous winners,’ as well as information regarding the location and name of the made-up individuals. The operators of the scheme also have included reviews, which are, of course, all excellent. The Voodoosrc49.live site offers users to choose from three different ‘mystery prizes.’ Here is the trick – if the users want to claim the supposed prize, they have to enter personal data like name, address and phone number. Oftentimes, hoaxes of this type also may request that the user subscribes for paid services to claim the prize they won. Another commonly used trick is to demand that the user fills in a survey. Operators of schemes generate cash by the organically filled surveys submitted by users.

Do not trust a single word on the Voodoosrc49.live site as this is nothing more than yet another online tactic.


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