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Vkernel.org is a malicious website that attempts to attack its victims through the use of deception. Basically, the Vkernel.org scam consists of receiving the victim with a pop-up window reading 'Attention! Your browser version is old. You need to urgently renew your browser.' The Vkernel.org web page will usually contain a large image of the Mozilla Firefox logo, although this image may change depending on the version of the Vkernel.org scam. Clicking on this message will cause a Trojan to be downloaded from the Vkernel.org website. In fact, it is not strictly necessary to click on this fake error message in order to become infected. Various versions of the Vkernel.org scam will automatically infect their victims by taking advantage of known browser vulnerabilities. It is because of this that we strongly recommend that you consider any contact with the Vkernel.org web page as a potential malware infection. If you have visited Vkernel.org for any reason, it is recommended that you run full, in-depth scans of your hard drives in order to ensure that no malware has made its way into your computer system.

Learning to Spot Scams Like the Vkernel.org Fake Browser Update

Experienced computer users will likely not fall for the Vkernel.org scam. However, these kinds of deceptive attacks are aimed at infecting computer users that may not have a lot of experience dealing with computer security issues. Because of this, these basic guidelines should make it possible to spot scams like Vkernel.org:

  1. The main red flag that should immediately pop up when seeing Vkernel.org's message is the fact that it is prompting you to download an update for your browser from a third-party source. Remember, updates for your software should only be downloaded directly from your software's manufacturer or from a well-established, reputable source. Fake updates for your software or operating system are a common source of malware.
  2. The low quality of the text on both the Vkernel.org main web page and its deceptive message should also be regarded as highly suspicious. Most scams like Vkernel.org originate from the Russian Federation, China or Ukraine and the text in their malware reflects their origins. Bad grammar or spelling in messages claiming to come from an official source should immediately be cause for concern.
  3. The best way to prevent falling for scams like Vkernel.org is to avoid websites associated with malware altogether. This means being careful about the reputation of the websites you visit through links or through your address bar. If you are taken to a website against your will, this is also the sign of malware or of a website with dangerous intentions.


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