Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a dubious website that attempts to convince computer users to allow it to display sponsored notifications on their machines' desktop. The main target of the people that handle is Android devices. To achieve its goal, the managers of use social engineering techniques that make the computer users believe that these notifications are important and necessary. However, the notifications will not help computer users in any way. On the contrary, what they will do is to offer fake updates, bogus technical support services, Possibly Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and similar schemes. is considered a browser hijacker because it appears on the computer users' screens out of nowhere. Although not deemed as threatening, a website that tries to impose itself and convince computer users to purchase programs and services should be treated with caution and at the end of the way, are better off of a computer since other, genuine websites can offer similar product and services that will really do what they should.

Computer users that are seeing the prompts should use anti-malware software to, in the first place, detect the application that makes it possible for to be installed on their machines and then remove it and its related processes.


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