Threat Database Rogue Websites is a website that employs deceptive tactics to draw in visitors. It uses clickbait techniques to entice people into allowing it to show notifications and also could redirect them to other dubious pages. As such, should not be considered a reliable or trustworthy website.

Users Should not Trust the Messages of is a deceptive website that attempts to induce visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button to watch a supposed video. This rogue website is designed to gain permission to show notifications, which can then be used to promote various tactics (e.g., technical support frauds), phishing websites and intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Among the dubious notifications generated by, users may see fake alerts claiming that their computers are infected. Be aware of these tactics and do not grant shady websites like any browser permissions.

The Dangers of the Online Tactics Propagated by Rogue Websites

With the rise of online shopping, financial services, and communications in recent years, so too have the dangers of online tactics. Online fraudsters and con artists pose significant financial and reputational risks to unsuspecting victims.

Phishing is a tactic where criminals use luring messages on websites or emails that look legitimate in an attempt to acquire usernames, passwords, credit card numbers or other personal information. These corrupted emails link out to fake websites that may masquerade as trusted sites or the victim's bank portal, but they are essentially fake sites created by cybercriminals set up to collect your sensitive data. Knowing how to recognize a phishing attack is incredibly important; if you spot any signs (poor grammar, odd wording), then you should avoid clicking any links and delete the message immediately.

The promise of easy money is tempting for many people, especially those facing economic hardships nowadays – unfortunately, these schemes have become commonplace online under various disguises, such as work-at-home jobs or 'get rich quick' schemes. These offers usually turn out just be schemes trying to take advantage of unsuspecting victims and offer no real value beyond empty promises.

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