is an almost empty website created with a single purpose - to trick users into subscribing to its push notification services. This is a popular browser-based scam with countless websites nearly identical to being dedicated to its propagation. They employ various social-engineering tactics to convince the unsuspecting visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will give these websites the necessary permissions to start delivering sponsored advertisements to the affected device's screen directly.

Hands down, the most popular trick is for corrupted websites pretend to be conducting a bot captcha check by asking the users to click 'Allow' to confirm they are, in fact, not robots. relies on a different strategy, though. It displays a buffering video with the implication being that if the visitors want to see the video, they have to click the Allow button currently.

The advertisements delivered by could be for adult websites or dubious online game sites. Users might even be redirected to sites offering suspicious software updates that could carry adware or browser hijacker applications. The advertisements themselves could start to interfere with the normal use of the device.

It is strongly recommended not to let operate for long. Stopping the scheme is not that difficult even for users who are not tech-savvy, especially. All that is required is for them to open the 'Settings' menu of the affected browser and scroll down to the 'Permissions' section. Once there, they should look for and revoke all of the permissions that were granted to this dubious website.


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