View Online Recipes

The View Online Recipes Web browser extension presents itself as a useful tool for all cooking enthusiasts. The developers of this add-on claim to provide their users with countless recipes that they can search and save to use in the future. The creators of the View Online Recipes extension make it seem like they are offering a unique tool that will be handy to their users. However, there is nothing unique about the content offered by the View Online Recipes Web browser add-on. All of the recipes provided by the View Online Recipes extension are available for free online, one click away. Users who are looking for free cooking tips online do not need to install any third-party software in order to access large libraries with countless recipes.

Alters the User’s Default New Tab Page

Not only does the View Online Recipes add-on not offer any unique tools or content to their users, but it also applies changes to their Web browser settings without asking for their consent. Remember that no reputable extension would attempt to meddle in your browser settings without consulting you first, and such behavior is a red flag. The View Online Recipes Web browser extension would alter the user’s default new tab. This shady add-on sets the site as a default new tab page in order to generate traffic for the website. This site serves as a search engine that the user is encouraged to use. However, the results delivered by this search engine are not organic as it pushes sponsored content as top results, which means that the user will not get the most relevant results for their search.

The View Online Recipes extension is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). While the behavior of the View Online Recipes add-on is shady, it cannot be classified as malicious. Nonetheless, malware analysts recommend users to uninstall this dodgy Web browser extension immediately. This can be achieved either manually via the Web browser settings or using a reputable cybersecurity tool. The latter is the preferred method as the security application will also make sure to wipe out any leftover files.


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