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V-Bates is a PUP that is used to generate profits displaying unwanted advertisements to computer users. The main reason why V-Bates may presents problems is that V-Bates is supported by advertisements that may be disruptive and interfere with the computer users' activities. In many cases, V-Bates is installed without the computer user's awareness, usually by bundling V-Bates with a low quality freeware program. V-Bates is commonly associated with low quality search engines that actually track computer users' online searches and provide few real search results. If V-Bates is installed on your computer, security researchers strongly advise the immediate removal of V-Bates with a reliable security program.

The Annoying Effects of the V-Bates Presence

As soon as V-Bates is installed, V-Bates makes changes to the Windows settings that allow V-Bates to start up automatically as soon as you start up Windows. V-Bates runs in the background, may take up system resources and cause your computer to become slower or freeze frequently. V-Bates usually adds a Web browser extension to Web browsers on the affected computer, specifically a BHO or Browser Helper Object to Internet Explorer. V-Bates is associated with an executable file named Extension32.dll which may impact a number of versions of the Windows OS that are used widely. The presence of V-Bates on a computer may be associated with a variety of irritating symptoms, which include the following:

  • V-Bates may be associated with unwanted Web browser redirects, often involving V-Bates' associated search engine.
  • V-Bates will commonly make changes to the affected Web browser's settings, including changing its home page and default search engine.
  • V-Bates is supported by advertisements. The types of advertisements associated with V-Bates may be highly disruptive, interrupting computer users' activities and inserting unwanted marketing material into websites viewed on the affected Web browser.
  • V-Bates may compromise computer users' privacy. V-Bates may keep track of your online activity, search history and browsing habits. This information may then be sold to a third party that may use it to carry out any number of harmful tactics.


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