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The V9tr.com website hosts a low quality search engine. This website is clearly designed to mimic Google despite the fact that V9tr.com does not come even close if compared to the stage of quality in service and appearance of this popular search engine. Most computer users reporting V9tr.com redirects have attempted to download a freeware program from a dubious source, which will have resulted in a browser hijacker infection. Most V9tr.com-related malware infections are concentrated in Turkey.

Browser Hijackers Associated with V9tr.com are often the Result of Installing Freeware

Browser hijackers associated with V9tr.com will typically be installed without the computer user's knowledge. Often, V9tr.com-related browser hijackers are bundled with freeware programs and are installed automatically unless the computer user opts out. If the computer user fails to notice the browser hijacker associated with V9tr.com, then V9tr.com will be installed, typically as a toolbar for the infected computer's Web browser.

Browser hijackers related to the V9tr.com website are designed to make undesirable changes to the infected Web browser's settings. The victim's default search engine will be changed, without authorization, to V9tr.com, which contains the low quality V9tr Search search engine. Browser hijackers associated with V9tr.com may also cause the appearance of numerous pop-up advertisements, fake error messages and other similar symptoms. ESG security analysts have also noted that these browser hijackers also have the capacity to track your online activity, storing information on the websites that the computer user visits in order to deliver targeted advertisements. Other unwanted symptoms include changing the victim's homepage to V9tr.com. This website will also appear when the computer user opens a new tab, and the victim may be redirected randomly to the V9tr.com website while carrying out other activities.

The V9tr.com website is replete with advertisements and links, all listed below the search bar, supposedly powered by Google. These links and advertisements are sponsored by marketing companies that pay the creators of V9tr.com for increasing the traffic to this content. The supposed search results on V9tr.com are also sponsored and may include links to unrelated content that can expose a computer to malware or computer users to known online scams.


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