The site is a bogus page that is likely to claim to host very engaging content that may be of interest to you. However, despite its claims, the site is an empty page with no content.

The website hosts a tactic known as ‘Click Allow to Continue.’ Users who come across this tactic will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button displayed on their screens if they want to continue and enjoy the content they were promised. As it was mentioned, there is no content to be viewed on the site, so do not bother giving this bogus page any permissions. Users who give in with the demands of the page will be bombarded with advertisements via their Web browser notifications constantly. Legitimate sites use Web browser push notifications mindfully, but pages like the spam their users relentlessly. Even closing your Web browser will not help you as users report that they are still receiving advertisements regardless. Cybersecurity analysts warn users against clicking on the advertisements spawned by the website. This page is known to work hand in hand with dodgy advertisement networks that promote fake products and overpriced services that are not trustworthy.

Make sure to revoke all the permissions given to the page via your Web browser settings – this will prevent the fake site from sending you push-notifications. Avoid browsing dodgy websites in the future if you do not want to come across a page similar to the site.


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