Urtheredevo.top is a devious site designed to propagate a browser-based tactic. There are countless websites nearly identical to Urtheredevo.top and more are being created each day. The scheme is pretty simple - get the visitor who lands on the site to subscribe to its push notification services by tricking them into clicking an 'Allow' button. Various social-engineering tactics, fake error messages or alerts are employed as part of this tactic.

The most popular deceit, and indeed the one used by Urtheredevo.top, is for the dubious website to pretend to be conducting a captcha check for bots. Visitors will be presented with the prominently displayed message - 'Click Allow to confirm you are not a robot!' Urtheredevo.top doesn't rely on this pretense solely, though, and also creates several alerts:

'pdced.urtheredevo.top wants to
Show notifications

pdced.urtheredevo.top says

No matter the exact text of these messages, the end result of clicking 'Allow' will always be the same - the unsafe website will receive all of the browser permissions it requires to start performing its actual function.

Users will be subjected to a stream of unwanted advertisements that will be exhibited on the affected device's screen directly. Closing the browser will no longer have any effect on the frequency with which the advertisements are delivered. Furthermore, clicking on any of the advertisements could expose the user to additional privacy concerns in the form of dubious websites for online games, offers for Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or suspicious software updates.

It is recommended to deal with the Urtheredevo.top tactic as soon as you notice any signs of its activity. To do so, open the 'Settings' menu of the affected browser, navigate to the 'Permissions' tab, locate Urtheredevo.top and remove all of the permissions that have been granted to it.


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