Urlfilter.vmn.net Description

Urlfilter.vmn.net is a search engine that criminals use as a landing page for computers infected with browser hijackers. This is a common scam that can generate impressive illegal profits by taking advantage of pay-per-click marketing and advertising revenue. If your Web browser seems to have a mind of its own, visiting websites like Urlfilter.vmn.net repeatedly against your will, then it is very likely that your computer has become infected with a browser hijacker Trojan. To stop Urlfilter.vmn.net redirects, ESG security researchers advise computer users to scan their hard drives with a reliable anti-malware program that is fully up to date.

Computers infected with a browser hijacker will not arrive at Urlfilter.vmn.net voluntarily. Rather, most computer users visit Urlfilter.vmn.net because they are forced to do so by a browser hijacker infection. Although there are many kinds of browser hijacker infections, the malware responsible for Urlfilter.vmn.net redirects is considered quite dangerous. This is because these particular kinds of browser hijackers affect how your computer connects to the Internet by altering critical system files. Specifically, these browser hijackers alter your DNS server settings, forcing your computer to connect to rogue DNS servers that can then lead your computer to Urlfilter.vmn.net and other malicious domains. Since these browser hijackers affect your entire operating system, re-implanting your browser will not halt Urlfilter.vmn.net redirects; these should be stopped by attacking the malware infection responsible for these malicious changes to your computer.

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