‘Urgent Chrome Update’ Pop-Ups

‘Urgent Chrome Update’ Pop-Ups Description

'The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups are irritating pop-up messages that have been linked to news articles associated with questionable content distributed on social media. In most cases, the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups will be accompanied by numerous advertising content on the affected Web browser. Computer users complaining about the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups also may be affected by frequent pop-up messages, banners, random links inserted into plain text content and similar unwanted content. Computer users affected by the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups also have reported that their Web browser settings will have been altered automatically. The affected Web browser's homepage will be changed automatically, and they will be forced to use a specific, low-quality search engine that mostly delivers advertisements rather than real search results. The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups are associated with an adware known as Chrome_update.bat due to the name of the file that is delivered to the affected computer. The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups may be extremely irritating and, in the long run, may be a symptom of an underlying problem that presents a real security risk to the affected computer.

The 'Urgent Chrome Update' Pop-Ups and Associated Adware

Computer users have reported that a large browser window labeled 'Urgent Chrome Update' may open on the affected Web browser. This window is accompanied by a file download named 'chrome-update.bat' that starts automatically. This file download has been related to threatening encryption ransomware Trojans that will take your files hostage and demand large amounts of money o restore your files. The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups are caused by an adware component that is used to deliver large numbers of advertisements to the affected computer, displaying them in positions that may be difficult to avoid. The way adware is used to profit is by generating clicks, ensuring that affected computer users click as many advertisements on as possible. Apart from relying on accidental clicks, adware also will use lies to force inexperienced computer users to click on their content. One common tactic is claiming that there is an important software update (as is the case when it comes to the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups).

The Risks of the 'Urgent Chrome Update' Pop-Ups and Associated Content

There are numerous risks associated with the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups and their associated adware. The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups themselves are not considered threat ultimately, such as the encryption ransomware that has been linked to the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups' file download. Viruses and other threats are considered destructive, may be self-replicating, and will try to extort money or collect data. The 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups and their associated adware are more of an annoyance, although they may work as a gateway to more threatening types of content. Adware associated with the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups will track your online activities, collecting data on your browsing habits and computer.

There are also numerous other issues with how adware associated with the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups may affect your computer. This adware may make computers slow and unresponsive. Adware linked to the 'Urgent Chrome Update' pop-ups will run in the background, using up system resources and making the affected Web browser crash or freeze frequently. This kind of adware will change the affected Web browser's settings frequently, ensuring that the computer user is exposed to advertisements as soon as the Web browser starts up. The Web browser's homepage and search engine, as well as several other settings, will be changed automatically. In many cases, the extent of the advertisements may be such that the Web browser becomes nearly impossible to use.


  • Daniel:

    Are there any negative side effects if the bat file was downloaded of its own accord? I had two windows open, and I noticed that the download arrow appeared over the window the download didn't occur on, so I looked on the other window and it was there, as well as the dubious tab. I don't think I initiated the download, nor do I remember seeing the pop-up tab until that moment.

  • Rick E. Scroggins:

    Yeah this is the second time in 2 days that I have had the URGENT DOWN LOAD appear, but on my cmptr the whole page changes to a full white back ground with the Google Chrome icon in the middle of my screen, the words "URGENT" (Google Chrome Down Load) above the icon and a down load button under the icon...I think it said "Down Load now" I just closed the tab with out clicking anything to be safe and run my Defender Pro anti- malware program but I don't understand why it came back a second time...nor did Defender find any issues... weird huh ? I have a Screen Shot of the page but you have way for me to attach it here.