Threat Database Adware 'Updates Recommended' Pop-Ups

'Updates Recommended' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Updates Recommended' pop-up window, which Web surfers may experience in Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera are not associated with automated services from Web browser vendors. The 'Updates Recommended' warnings are generated on pages like[.]xyz which were registered recently and suggest the user is in danger of becoming a victim of a threat. The 'Updates Recommended' pop-up windows may be loaded when you click on certain ads, open torrent sites, load pornographic content online, and try to download a cracked copy of a paid program. The 'Updates Recommended' warnings are not to mistaken for legitimate alerts from Web browser vendors and the Microsoft Corp. The 'Updates Recommended' pop-ups aim to promote ad-supported software by claiming that your PC is vulnerable to attacks if you do not install the "recommended updates" to your browser. The content of the 'Updates Recommended' pop-ups is made to be confusing and misleading purposely. We have seen many variants of the 'Updates Recommended' warnings and most of them offer the following text:

'Your software may be out of date

Web Updater analyzes your computer for out of date software and recommends the latest updates to download
Avoid Vulnerabilities
Reduce crashes and ensure optimal browsing experience
Automatically Updates

Supported Browser:
[Details about your browser are listed here. The information is gathered when your browser connects to the underlying page that is hosting the 'Updates Recommended' message]
Air Software ("Air Software"), strives to provide exceptional software products halt help to make the experience with your personal computer more enjoyable. Web Updater is a software product created by Air Software that once downloaded and installed by you. will scan for third-party software products that have been installed on your computer system Once the scan is complete. Web Update, will notify you of any updates or upgrades available for the third-party software products installed on your computer. By install, and using Web Update! (the "Software"), you hereby agreed to the following terms'

Web surfers who stumble upon the 'Updates Recommended' messages may notice that the window features the suggestive name 'New Version Available,' and the URL bar lacks the green lock icon for a secure connection. Usually, these page types feature a strange name that has errors and short versions of names that belong to reputable software development companies. The 'Updates Recommended' pop-up windows may include the logos of programs like Adobe Air, Adobe Flash, Java, and images associated with your browser. PC users should not trust the 'Updates Recommended' alerts and refrain from installing the software they recommend. Often, the 'Updates Recommended' messages lead users to install adware and fake system optimizers, which can result in poor system performance and pay money for services you do not need. Computer experts recommend adding a reliable anti-malware scanner to your system, which can block the apps downloaded via the 'Updates Recommended' pop-ups from making changes to your system.


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