By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The UpdateQuick.com URL is associated with a pop-up message designed to motivate gullible PC users into downloading and installing a fraudulent update for Flash Player. Bogus error messages like those associated with UpdateQuick.com are typical ways of distributing Potentially Unwanted Programs. Malware researchers have noted that the UpdateQuick.com pop-up may appear when a computer user visits a website that has been compromised or after a PUP has already been installed on the affected computer. It is relatively simple to differentiate both cases:

  • If the UpdateQuick.com pop-ups appear on any websites you visit, then this may be an indication of a PUP that is already installed on your computer. These PUPs usually take the form of a Web browser extension or add-on and may be installed without the computer user's authorization by bundling them with low quality freeware from dubious sources.
  • If the UpdateQuick.com pop-ups only appear when visiting a particular website or type of website, this may instead indicate that the websites in question has been compromised.

Security analysts consider that UpdateQuick.com pop-ups may represent a security and privacy risk. If your Web browser is displaying the UpdateQuick.com pop-ups, PC security researchers strongly advise the use of a reliable, fully updated security application to remove any PUPs associated with the UpdateQuick.com that may be present on your computer.

Terminating UpdateQuick.com Quickly

UpdateQuick.com may be associated with various symptoms on the affected computer. The following are typical issues that may be associated with UpdateQuick.com:

  • Web browser redirects to UpdateQuick.com or to websites associated with UpdateQuick.com.
  • Pop-up windows and bogus error messages from UpdateQuick.com or similar sources.
  • System performance issues. Reduced speed, freeze or frequent crashes are all symptoms of PUPs associated with UpdateQuick.com.
  • Intrusive advertising material inserted into websites visited on the affected web browser. UpdateQuick.com is associated with adware content that inserts banner advertisements, sliding advertisements, and other forms of marketing material to websites viewed on the affected Web browser.


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