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Updateplugins is an unwanted pop-up message that tries to convince inexperienced computer users that the download of an update for their software is indispensable. The full text of Updateplugins pop-ups is the following:

It is recommended that you update your download manager to the latest version available.
Please Upgrade it now.
It is required to have Java

However, it is important to understand that not all Updateplugins pop-ups will use the same text and that there are numerous variants of this bogus error message. The Updateplugins pop-up message is designed to trick inexperienced computer users into installing a Potentially Unwanted Program on their computer. These types of programs are typically not harmful enough to be classified as a threat, but may cause numerous threat-like symptoms that make them extremely irritating and disruptive. Because of this, security researchers strongly advise the removal of any programs or content on your computer that may be associated with Updateplugins.

Why It is Better to Keep Updateplugins Far Away from Your Computer

Security researchers have noted that Updateplugins pop-ups will usually appear in one of two cases:

  1. Updateplugins pop-ups may appear when visiting a website that has poorly regulated advertising content or questionable material installed. These types of websites are commonly regarded as unsafe and may promote unsafe content, distribute pornography or be involved in file sharing activities or other potentially unsafe online activities. If the Updateplugins pop-ups only appear when visiting one of these specific websites, then you should close your Web browser and refrain from visiting these types of websites in the future. Security researchers recommend using a reliable security program to ensure that the Updateplugins did not expose your computer to threats.
  2. Some computer users have reported that the Updateplugins pop-up appears whenever they visit any website, even websites not known for having this type of potentially unsafe content (for example, Google or other reliable search engines). If this is the case, then it may indicate the presence of a PUP on your computer that is better if deleted right away with the collaboration of a potent anti-malware application that is fully up-to-date.


Updateplugins may call the following URLs:


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