The Undertain.work pop-ups are potentially unsafe messages that trick users into subscribing to browser notifications from an empty website. The purpose of the Undertain.work pop-ups is to deliver third-party advertising content straight to its subscribers' computers or smartphones. It achieves that goal through a common misleading social engineering tactic that many Internet users still fail to recognize. When people visit this rogue website, it shows a black screen and an alert with the following text:

'Undertain.work wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

It is a mock test that is supposed to confirm that the user is not a robot; however, the only consequence of clicking on the 'Allow' button is that Undertain.work receives the necessary permits to display advertisements on the user's screen. Pop-up messages from such websites appear even when the user closes the browser. They usually contain redirecting scripts to other highly suspicious websites, like online gaming and adult content pages or pages promoting Potentially Unwanted Applications and fake software.

The Undertain.work pop-ups showing up on a computer also are a signal that the device might be infected with a browser hijacker. The most trustable way to detect and remove browser hijacker programs is through a professional anti-malware application.


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