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'Unable to download spug.txt from' Error Message

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Various users online have reported that they are getting 'Unable to download spug.txt from' error message on their systems recently.

Most alerts of this type are linked to anti-malware tools that warn their users about suspicious activity on their systems. However, the 'Unable to download spug.txt from' alerts are not spawned by anti-virus solutions, but to torrenting applications such as BitTorrent and uTorrent. It is not likely that the 'Unable to download spug.txt from' is linked to any unsafe activity that may pose a threat to your computer. However, some of the users who have reported the presence of the 'Unable to download spug.txt from' alerts on their computers have detected a fake torrent tracker on their systems. The bogus application in question utilizes a major portion of the system's available RAM and CPU power, therefore hindering the performance of games and software. After looking into the issue further, it appeared that the fake torrent tracker was a cryptocurrency miner that was utilizing the computing resources of the user to mine for cryptocurrency coins that were then transferred to the wallets of the authors of the threat.

The 'Unable to download spug.txt from' also may be linked to a harmless issue regarding the ability of the torrenting application to display advertisements. However, since the 'Unable to download spug.txt from' alerts may be notifying you for the presence of a cryptocurrency miner, it is best to scan your computer using a genuine anti-malware tool that will detect any potential issues.


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