ULTIM Security

By Domesticus in Rogue Anti-Spyware Program

Despite its convincing interface and marketing campaign, ULTIM Security is a rogue security program. This means that ULTIM Security is not a real program for computer security but is instead a malware threat that is disguised as a security application. ESG team of PC security researchers has identified a large number of programs that are almost identical to ULTIM Security including Ultimate Guard, Unlimited Defender, Bogema Security, Antivirus Edition, and Eclipse Antivirus. The ULTIM Security rogue security application is associated with a genuine-looking website at Ultimsecurity.com URL. Each of ULTIM Security's clones has a similar, corresponding website designed to fool inexperienced users into downloading and installing a useless product. ESG security researchers strongly advise against downloading ULTIM Security rogue security program, or even visiting its associated website. If your computer contains ULTIM Security fake security application, ESG team of security analysts recommends launching Windows in Safe Mode, and removing ULTIM Security with a legitimate anti-malware application.

The Marketing Campaign and Malicious Website Behind ULTIM Security

ULTIM Security's family of rogue security programs has similar Internet marketing campaigns from one clone to the next. The marketing campaign behind ULTIM Security is characterized by a professional-looking website, fake reviews on software download websites, fake comments and forum posts, and a large number of blogs to boost ULTIM Security's search engine presence. The criminals behind ULTIM Security attempt to receive the maximum number of hits for their website before the PC security researchers uncover their fake security program's real identity. Once the word gets out about ULTIM Security, these criminals simply change the rogue security program's name and outer appearance and start up a whole new marketing campaign for the "new" security program. Because of this, it is important for computer users to only download and install security software from trusted sources, licensed by operating system manufacturers. Unlike other rogue security programs, ULTIM Security is quite a convincing fake.

ULTIM Security's Limited Functionality

One of the ways in which criminals disguise ULTIM Security's true identity is by giving ULTIM Security very limited security capabilities (unlike most rogue security programs which are mostly completely useless). However, almost all of the supposed features that ULTIM Security claims to contain are locked. Users cannot access them unless they purchase a "license" to use ULTIM Security's full version. ESG malware researchers advise against this; paying for this rogue security program does nothing, except expose you to credit card fraud.


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