Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Many fake websites online have one goal only – to trick users into giving them permission to display Web browser notifications. This may seem un usual at first, but the browser notifications are used to spam the users with advertisements whenever they browse the Internet. Despite this not being classified as unsafe activity, constant unwanted browser advertisements can become a nuisance very quickly. One of the websites that use this technique is the page.

Promotes Low-Quality Products and Dodgy Services

The is a fake page that does not provide its visitors with any value. If you happen to come across the website, it is likely that you have been browsing untrustworthy sites hosting shady content. As soon as the users visit the site, the page will ask them to ‘Allow Notifications.’ To make it more probable for the user to comply, the website may claim that it is hosting an engaging video or other potentially entertaining media the visitor may want to view. However, the page would require the users to click on the ‘Allow’ button if they want to view the embedded media. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a trick to convince visitors to grant permission to display browser notifications, and the site does not host the potentially engaging content it claims to. Users who give in and click the ‘Allow’ button will be bombarded with irrelevant and unwanted advertisements that promote all sorts of dubious products and services – adult websites, dodgy dating platforms, shady gambling pages, bogus raffles, etc. It is advisable to avoid engagement with any of the advertisements affiliated with the site. Dodgy sites like the page tend to work in cooperation with shady advertisement networks that promote untrustworthy services and low-quality products.

If you happen to see advertisements linked to the in your Web browser, we would advise you to revoke the permissions you were tricked into giving. This can be done easily via your preferred Web browser’s settings.


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