The cyber crooks are very inventive when finding ways to trick computer users into performing actions that can benefit these con artists. is a good example of it. These people are using the website to convince computer users to agree to the exhibition of its advertisements by making a subscription to this bogus website.

To draw the computer user attention, starts the tactic by displaying fraudulent error messages claiming that the computer needs immediate attention and, to know what is going on, the computer user needs to allow the site notifications. The content of the message is:

' wants to Show notifications
Click “Allow” to close this window
This window can be closed by pressing “Allow”. If you wish to continue browsing this website just click the more info button
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Do not be tricked by it. First, how an unknown website can go inside your computer, detect errors, and ask you permission to point out what is wrong? It is just nonsense. Second, any notification that comes out of nowhere should be handled with extreme care because, most of the time, it means trouble.

Therefore, if you start seeing the notifications, you should use your anti-malware program to scan your computer and remove not only, but any application that can bring problems to you and your machine.


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