Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Ups

'' Pop-Ups

'' is a website you may have come across while browsing low-quality content online. The goal of the creators of the '' page is to use social engineering tricks to persuade the user to perform certain actions. This is done by presenting the user with bogus pop-up messages that use various fear-mongering techniques to convince the users that there is something wrong with their systems. Fake alerts and fraudulent error messages are some of the tricks used by the operators of the '' website. The '' site detects what Web browser the user is running and would present them with pop-ups and alerts based on their browser. This means that a person who is using Google Chrome will see different error messages and alerts than a user who is utilizing the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. This is likely to make the fake messages seem more legitimate and make it more likely to trick a user.

The Goals of ''

The operators of the '' site aim to convince the user to visit 3rd party websites that are likely sponsoring them, download a dubious file or enable notifications. Many dodgy websites ask users to enable browser notifications, and this usually results in them being spammed with unwanted and irrelevant advertisements. Sometimes, the advertisements may even promote fake services or low-quality products.

Tries to Convince the User to Install a 'Flash SD App'

Among the bogus alerts that the '' site displays is one related to an application called 'Flash SD App.' If the user desires to view the content on the site, which is made to seem very engaging purposefully, the person is to download the dodgy 'Flash SD App' tool. To attract the attention of users, the operators of the '' page will present them with celebrity-related videos. The 'Flash SD App' tool is, in fact, a Web browser extension and if the user falls for the trickery of the '' website and installs it, the extension may attempt to change the new tab page of the user and the default search engine they use. It is likely that the search engine that will replace the default one will show sponsored products, and less relevant, lower quality results.

Despite the fact that the '' site is not in the business of propagating malware, and for now, is sticking to PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), it is not impossible that the operators of this fake page may decide to distribute threatening software in the future. Avoid websites, which attempt to blackmail you into installing additional software to view the content of their pages as this is a red flag certainly. Make sure you download and install a legitimate anti-malware tool that will keep your computer secure.


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