TwistTinker Ads

TwistTinker Ads Description

Type: Adware

The TwistTinker application may squeeze its way in your computer by using a free program installer as its vessel, and you may want to know that it is adware. The TwistTinker adware can be seen advertised as a word reference tool on suspicious software distribution platforms and should not be trusted. The TwistTinker adware is coded with the aim of injecting ads on non-affiliated pages that infected users preview. The TwistTinker adware may be attached to your browser as an add-on, an extension a plug-in and a Browser Helper Object. The TwistTinker adware might use ActionScript3 and JavaScript to load sponsored banners, ad-boxes, pop-up windows and contextual commercials in your browser. Security experts add that the TwistTinker adware functions similarly to CPush and Dealsfinder and could record your typed search keywords on Google. Also, the TwistTinker adware may read non-personally identifiable information like your browsing and download history to show tailor-suited ads. The TwistTinker adware may connect to the Internet via insecure channels to download patches and may install programs like FourFinders and LoadMoney on your computer automatically. The programs mentioned before may change your browser settings without your consent and could find yourself submitted to use search engines like and Cairo Search. Moreover, the ads powered by TwistTinker may contain links to untrusted websites and code for executing drive-by downloads of potentially harmful software. The TwistTinker adware may have been installed in the hidden ProgramData directory and may not have an uninstaller registered with the 'Programs and Features' panel of Windows. Therefore, you might require the assistance of a reliable anti-malware suite that can eradicate the TwistTinker adware binary from your system securely.

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