By JubileeX in Rogue Websites

Tubley.com is a malicious website related a malignant computer worm, which is generated to replicate over PCs by sending spam emails, especially email contacts of infected PC user. Tubley.com is also linked to a browser hijacker, which can modify the Hosts file and browser settings of your machine, so you cannot change another URL or get back to the homepage. If a worm associated with Tubley.com corrupts a computer system, it will automatically sends out invitations to its contacts and reroutes your web browser to fraudulent websites that include Tubley.com. Malware infections connected to Tubley.com can also block the affected email and download other malware threats on the infected PC. It is strongly recommended to find a legitimate anti-spyware program to uninstall malware threats connected to Tubley.com, and use your browser settings to block Tubley.com from opening in your web browser.


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