By Sumo3000 in Browser Hijackers is an untrustworthy and possibly malicious website, which may be used to spread various ransomware to contaminated computers. may be linked to malware threats such as browser hijackers and ransomlock 'Police' Trojans that may constantly divert the Web browser to or similar questionable police websites. Security infections such as a ransomlock 'Police' Trojan locks a computer system and Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, displays a fraudulent police warning message supposedly sent by legitimate governmental institutions and then forces the victim to pay a supposed ransom to restore access to the computer and Web browser. The ransomlock Trojan claims that the PC user has been accomplishing illegal online activities and blames him for violation of certain laws. may encompass a harmful JavaScript that does not allow the PC user to close the browser window or visit another website.


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