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By Sumo3000 in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 1
First Seen: January 2, 2013
Last Seen: April 11, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Troj/SWFExp-BF is the Flash component of a multi-component malware attack that uses a Zero Day vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Fortunately, a fix for this vulnerability has been released by Microsoft. A zero day vulnerability is a flaw in a piece of software that is exploited from the moment that software is released (usually it was overlooked during development of the affected software). Zero day vulnerabilities are especially dangerous and coveted by hackers because they can potentially be utilized to originate a lot of harm before the software's manufacturer can release a security patch to fix that vulnerability. Computer users running the Internet Explorer web browser should take care since they can be targeted with the Troj/SWFExp-BF Trojan through a previously unknown zero day vulnerability in this program.

Troj/SWFExp-BF Infections Are Linked to a Zero Day Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Microsoft has warned computer users about this vulnerability, which has been labeled as CVE-2012-4792. Fortunately, for computer users vulnerable to this attack, there is a temporary solution released by Microsoft which can close this vulnerability while a security patch is liberated. It is crucial to note that this vulnerability is present in versions 6, 7, and 8 of Internet Explorer, while Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are not affected. This vulnerability allows criminals to execute malicious code on the target's computer using the victim's administrative privileges (all the more reason to avoid using high administrative privileges unless necessary). It is important to note that most infections involving Troj/SWFExp-BF have been associated with computer users using Windows XP since this operating system will not run versions of Internet Explorer beyond Internet Explorer 8.

The Troj/SWFExp-BF Attack Uses Compromised Websites

There havebeen infected websites spreading Troj/SWFExp-BF since at least early December. This attack is very similar to an attack that targeted the websites of a famous hotel chain in the Summer of 2012. While the payload (Troj/SWFExp-BF) was similar, this recent attack uses a different vulnerability to attack computer users. Troj/SWFExp-BF in particular is a fake Adobe Flash updater that actually installs a backdoor on the victim's computer. It has been seen in one version or another in a variety of malware attacks. To protect yourself from this recent rash of malware attacks involving Troj/SWFExp-BF, ESG security researchers strongly advise avoiding versions of Internet Explorer that are not Internet Explorer 9 or higher. If you must use Internet Explorer 8 or lower, then ESG malware analysts advise using the Microsoft temporary fix until a security patch is released in order to prevent Troj/SWFExp-BF infections using this particular vulnerability.

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File System Details

Troj/SWFExp-BF may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. today.swf 48d56ec320ecf6c54a87a7540cf21340 0
2. today.swf 92fb6a8019c432db1c694d03f2e06560 0
3. today.swf eebedd8b48e0b8fa1fdd5f93b87ff03a 0
4. cc.swf 334680e3bb31332a9d677ec77228d74c 0


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