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By GoldSparrow in Trojans

A cyber-threat called Trojan.Zombieboy is a generic Trojan that is known to be used in attacks on home PCs. The threat actors behind Trojan.Zombieboy are usually trying to create botnet networks, run crypto jacking campaigns and hide Web traffic by other threat actors. Thus, the Trojan.Zombieboy program can be used to run a private VPN service, mine for crypto-currencies and potentially spy on the infected users by loading other harmful programs. The threat actors behind the Zombieboy Trojan were reported of seeking to exploit software vulnerabilities that were patched back in 2017. Fortunately, most PC users have installed the required security updates and are not likely to be infected with the Zombieboy Trojan.

There are small businesses and some factories that are behind on security updates and may be compromised by updated versions of the Zombieboy Trojan. The Zombieboy Trojan can exploit vulnerabilities in the Windows SMB Server that have the tags CVE-2017-0143 and CVE-2017-0146. Threat actors might use the Zombieboy Trojan to download other payloads and potentially infect removable memory drives, install a proxy server and launch DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on targeted sites. DDoS for hire is also an option that may be considered by those responsible for the Trojan.Zombieboy development. The Zombieboy cyber-threat may expose the users to harmful software from third parties, as well as various strains of ransomware. It is best to avoid spam emails, questionable advertisements and pirated software if you seek to minimize your chances of being infected.


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