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Technical Information

File System Details

Trojan.Zeus creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %SYSTEMDRIVE%\users\esg\desktop\eqig.exe 319,968 b227e7c0d9995715f331592750d6ebc2 3
2 %SYSTEMDRIVE%\users\esg\desktop\8a0c95be8a40ae5419f7d97bb3e91b2b.exe 414,720 8a0c95be8a40ae5419f7d97bb3e91b2b 2
3 %SYSTEMDRIVE%\users\esg\desktop\eqig unpacked.exe 261,120 7bc463a32d6c0fb888cd76cc07ee69b5 2
4 0a5a1aff63464d7054b099da9e30c1972b9b8ad914a840d22bb43efde2e97780 153,088 147d3b7ae504aca05da1dfa371c0785c 0
5 0ea1042c224bffe3dbf172b4d76318e147e32c9b64234f3c1c6867bced879cb4 43,520 781ec0e52834bed3715c38c441b5886c 0
6 1a0e3f8b529249d3ebafc1140a443201fd23b2350c92728bb10bbfc345e52a5c 3,410,181 2b4f2088ce0b3360fa2cc7b4f6d226a2 0
7 4e5c21d88260095ab6ade3b62eedfeb826d9cbbb619c9c2508ce942e4a2fc5f1 82,432 402d62a28cfc5d449e0984a5b37438ce 0
8 04fb1bf9bcca924bfa3788d4be16a4df0fbf747c16e6c3a66a4993bb7d7928d6 51,200 3a6b96fa2812d05bc676c3c0bad80b00 0
9 5a9185a3b1b59657dbfd6dbefe3c1bdc678e66316216311f7aa8bbba9c3d7fe3 52,736 d81e236fc7be8998fcb9e7c7fe487396 0
10 6d86c0a6339926f2e57b188c6cb28839c6aa21ef09596326c6c4d8f949e40414 5,245 ea21f63f3de3925e8ec51bfed007c446 0
11 6e64ddf1f1378b164da4ab93653a4f9773b669f6702104343300271cac42cc49 716,800 c8c554b2ea286642b69309e40a9b0857 0
12 7f01975164851603a513e4acf3250be01b1ef56f22fb2fedec57b4c4e2df1def 479,744 4cfe39cd9b4f804ee5d3281ef6c28f8b 0
13 08e6be87dd74250d33fad706dc57d8f52d8952762adf7c9ee68836bb9a25b032 271,360 ffc452af363c3740c6a8018193d198cd 0
14 10f2ba65c8265c4efaa05ed8946471310cb463a1ecc6fa9787e3f40fad0ad4f8 713,728 99022c80a05650643197159a26ac80d3 0
15 26aa7c43def2dcefca22b318ba3746ffd4de09b8d1b80181f86eaf82c7971a05 504,832 ef988034f110d7738bd3ca20e301f282 0
16 37dd337eac809ed0744e29987ce3495669b2a904732a976a23b8ffcd5972e646 275,968 92d895c89da37b2fbe91735694b89a19 0
17 54c9486814f6ba52295198acbd17e53d1925b1372fc1653af1c5b00d2d507e72 2,383,139 1bbada208addf0874592921a1fe19873 0
18 59a2572372771006e28eee4c44b272d77f952fc98d55746d598c65e4f0f97a1a 102,400 145d5ded9d8ca5a086e23f85e59593f8 0
19 output.1301364 unpacked.exe 249,344 19c68862d3a53ea1746180b40bf32226 0
20 output.1301364.exe 285,184 7fe11cfcd7c66f7727cfc4613e755389 0

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