Threat Database Trojans Trojan:Win32/QHosts


By LoneStar in Trojans

Trojan:Win32/QHosts is a Trojan program that blocks access to particular websites and redirects traffic to particular IP addresses. Trojan:Win32/QHostsis not able to proliferate by itself. Trojan:Win32/QHosts emerges when an HTML website, which contains a malicious code is opened enabling Trojan:Win32/QHosts to open a malicious HTML file on the infected computer system. When the harmful executable file has been created and executed, Trojan:Win32/QHosts changes the computer's Domain Name Server set-up or HOSTS file. This enables a cybercriminal to hack web surfing on the vulnerable Internet browser to dictate which websites are visited. Trojan:Win32/QHosts restricts access to popular search engines diverting the PC user to other suspicious search engine websites.


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