Threat Database Trojans

By Domesticus in Trojans is a mischievous computer trojan which uses malicious tricks to download harmful malware from the web. is created to enable an attacker remote access to a compromised computer system for your personal or confidential data, such as your credit card passwords, ID numbers, birthday, full name, driver's license number, genetic information, email address, etc. keeps showing up disturbing messages and disables certain functions of a computer, so as to damage data and hard disks quickly. Remove before it drops more malware threats to the PC system.

File System Details may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\PacketMonitor.exe
2. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\LoggingConsole.exe
3. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\Queue.dll
4. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\Logging.dll
5. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\wPacketReceiver.dll
6. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\LoggingConsole.pos
7. %CommonDesktopDir%\ApiMonitor.lnk
8. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\CaptureConsole.inf
9. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\what.htm
10. %System%\LoggingConsole.pos
11. %ProgramFiles%\ApiMonitor\PacketMonitor.inf
12. %CommonPrograms%\ApiMonitor.lnk


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