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By CagedTech in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 16,751
Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 134
First Seen: November 25, 2014
Last Seen: July 3, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Trojan.Packed.kvt is a Trojan infection. Certain security programs will show that Trojan.Packed.kvt has infected your computer if they find certain suspicious changes to your computer's system Registry. Common symptoms that have been reported in association with Trojan.Packed.kvt include major lag and performance issues and abnormally long load and start-up times. Many security programs may be incapable of removing Trojan.Packed.kvt due to the way Trojan.Packed.kvt is coded. Therefore, an advanced security program that is fully up-to-date is necessary to deal with Trojan.Packed.kvt. Trojan.Packed.kvt may be capable of infecting most computers that use the Windows operating system. This may include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, although it is less likely that Trojan.Packed.kvt may infect other operating systems due to the specific conditions for detecting this threat.

The Unwanted and Harmuful Actions Executed by Trojan.Packed.kvt

Trojan.Packed.kvt is a threat that may be used to open a backdoor on the computer user's machine in order to install other threats or extract data. Trojan.Packed.kvt may be used to install anything, including Potentially Unwanted Programs and adware, or to take over the infected computer in order to integrate it into a botnet (a large collection of infected computers that are used in coordination to carry out attacks or send out spam emails). One of the most worrying aspects of Trojan.Packed.kvt is that Trojan.Packed.kvt may not cause symptoms on the affected computer until after Trojan.Packed.kvt has delivered its payload. In fact, most lag problems associated with Trojan.Packed.kvt may not be due to Trojan.Packed.kvt itself but to threatening or potentially harmful software that was installed by Trojan.Packed.kvt or used the backdoor opened by Trojan.Packed.kvt on the affected computer.

Common Sources for the Trojan.Packed.kvt Infection

There are many ways in which Trojan.Packed.kvt may be distributed. Trojan.Packed.kvt may be hidden inside an email attachment or file downloaded from the Internet. Trojans like Trojan.Packed.kvt are a common presence on poorly monitored file sharing networks. Several social engineering tactics are used to distribute Trojan.Packed.kvt, including corrupted advertisements and fake video or audio codecs or plug-ins. It also may be possible for Trojan.Packed.kvt to be installed after computer users accept to install a fake update for their Web browsers, Flash Players or other software. To prevent a Trojan.Packed.kvt infection, computer users can protect their computer with a reliable, fully updated security program, use a firewall and anti-spam filter, and use common sense to avoid falling prey to social engineering tactics typically used to deliver threats.

How Trojan.Packed.kvt Attacks a Computer

Trojan.Packed.kvt may be delivered using a different file, which is disguised as a desirable or interesting file for the computer user. As soon as the threatening file is opened, it unpacks Trojan.Packed.kvt, allowing Trojan.Packed.kvt to run and carry out its attack. Trojan.Packed.kvt makes unwanted changes to the affected computer's settings immediately that allows Trojan.Packed.kvt to run automatically when the computer starts up, interfere with other settings on the affected computer, and lower the affected PC's security settings. Gradually, as Trojan.Packed.kvt allows other threats to enter the computer or interferes with other software, the affected computer may become slower and crash more frequently.

There are many risks in allowing Trojan.Packed.kvt to remain on your computer. Once Trojan.Packed.kvt has been installed, third parties may use Trojan.Packed.kvt to install threats that may be used to collect your data, online passwords and financial login information. It also may be possible for third parties to use Trojan.Packed.kvt to install keylogging software to track everything you type or threats designed to control your computer from a remote location. Once this is done, your machine may be used to mine BitCoin, send out spam email messages, or participate in illegal activities, all without your knowledge.


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