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By JubileeX in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 4
First Seen: September 18, 2013
Last Seen: March 6, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Criminals may take advantage of important software or hardware releases to distribute threats. Popular video game releases and new gadgets (such as the recent release of a new iPhone model) are among the most common vehicles for scamming inexperienced computer users. Criminals are taking advantage of the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V to distribute a Trojan known as Trojan.Keylogger.MWP. If you are interested in obtaining information about this highly acclaimed game, make sure that this information comes from reputable sources and not from suspicious ones such as unsolicited email messages or pop-up advertisements. Other computer users at risk for these types of scams are those attempting to obtain the Grand Theft Auto V illegally through file sharing networks or suspicious websites offering to distribute free copies or beta copies of this game. If you suspect that your computer has become exposed to Trojan.Keylogger.MWP or to one of the many threats that have been associated with this scam, ESG security researchers strongly recommend removing this threat from your computer with the help of a strong, reliable anti-malware application.

How Trojan.Keylogger.MWP and Similar Scams Work

There is the presence of threats similar to Trojan.Keylogger.MWP on websites that claim to distribute serial number generators or beta versions of Grand Theft Auto V. In fact, bogus Grand Theft Auto V websites have started to pop up all around the world. The websites associated with Trojan.Keylogger.MWP seem to be hosted on Russian servers and using Russian domains. These bait websites are written in English. However, criminals are redirecting computer users to versions of these websites written in the computer user's language (this information may be acquired by checking the victim's IP address and Web browser settings).

So, What is Trojan.Keylogger.MWP if not a Grand Theft Auto V Key Generator?

When Trojan.Keylogger.MWP is downloaded, Trojan.Keylogger.MWP is disguised as a serial number generator for Grand Theft Auto V. However, computer users will quickly realize that Trojan.Keylogger.MWP does not work as promised and delete Trojan.Keylogger.MWP from their computer. In fact, Trojan.Keylogger.MWP may actually install a keylogger component in the background. This keylogger keeps track of your keystrokes in order to steal your account credentials for websites such as Facebook or for your various FTP and email services.


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