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By ESGI Advisor in Trojans

Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 is a Trojan that propagates via a spam email campaign related to DocuSign. The unsolicited email, which masquerades as the communication of the service, is allegedly transmitted via DocuSign, and is used by cybercrooks to deliver Trojan.Generic.KD.834485. The deceptive email message evidently involves a confidential message sent exclusively for a recipient. The spam email message headlined 'To all Employees - Confidential Message' notifies the PC user that he/she can find his/her completed dossier by getting it from an inserted attachment titled 'Please DocuSign this document: To All Employees 2013.pdf'. In order to make fake emails seem to be real and legal, attackers state that the document is made of details that are secret as well as proprietary to organization moniker. The malware infection incorporated in the document, Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 collects passwords linked to numerous email clients and those that Internet browsers save alongside with numerous websites. Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 also collects account details pertaining to FTP clients, port numbers, server names, cloud storage modules and login IDs. Once Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 collects the whole data, it will subsequently upload the data onto external servers. Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 may also launch other malware threats such as ZeuS/Zbot onto the compromised PC. Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 can also obtain access over computer systems on the network with trials of a maximum used password list.

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File System Details

Trojan.Generic.KD.834485 may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. Please DocuSign this document: To All Employees 2013.pdf
2. To ALL Employees.exe afeaebdc30b5296684af30298c916e46 0
3. 01444cc9e29160f1fc617ab88b7d6b32 01444cc9e29160f1fc617ab88b7d6b32 0
4. To ALL 9425d9980bccff9033f26c5b10e32347 0


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