Technical Information

File System Details

Trojan.Filecoder creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 909707bdd068bc153e9f225f20ce6b41264eddbc2e64752655c4eff470f0e956(1) 733003afba338698ccf49f4f23260b85 4
2 d60dc6965f6d68a3e7c82d42e90bfda7ad3c5874d2c59a66df6212aef027b455.exe 823e4c4e47e8dabe32fc700409a78537 3
3 ataware ransomware aa5348671cb56557925b185d4ebe875a 2
4 1f15a3e297b9017c40276ad1c32d606c8beebbf432227b47360f3674bfb60127.bin ebad44d2a8c72765aa64bae691458a34 2
5 f8d907099731ba448fef98c4b100265ac37dc57ff26917ff3699fc0060f91cab.bin 9997853609388189c6aaec5511a1dd17 2
6 1ad4c9e3d0e04e7f1e32e196ea1e87ed64237485baab4cfa4b07eed44d4b347d.bin 73a4cf1512fc097fc28b6b75915b34bf 2
7 cxmxjh.bin a14798d28ef66745b8e424b52abf0026 2
8 svchost.bin c6d90484c49c61234f01f8aa5c9de150 2
9 366623b97142a54efd9be31c673c409bdcfbc6ca0bed50e9bbc9b73d7443a55b.bin 55c646dd6b45052eb4c779a476349003 2
10 7ce637575c601a6708c568b433cb36935d9c47559d69d3958f04687f398066b7.bin e2a216e07203ec64c98eed979f260edd 2
11 a.exe e6353f79779a553c822deab899649b1b 2

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