Threat Database Adware 'TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' Pop-Up Scam

'TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' Pop-Up Scam

An unsafe website delivers the 'TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' pop-up scam. Any user who lands on it is presented with multiple pop-up windows that are all designed to seem extremely urgent. Various windows can depict a supposed system scan being conducted, the detection of numerous threats, and finally, a bold statement that the users' computers are infected with viruses, and they should call the provided help immediately.

To make the whole performance seem more plausible, the scheme pretends that it is actually from the computer security software company McAfee. In reality, however, there is not a single shred of truth in the messages displayed by the 'TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' pop-up scam as websites are not capable of performing any scans on their own. Furthermore, the website or the con artists standing behind the phone number are in no shape or form even remotely associated with McAfee, LLC.

The best way to deal with this tactic is to simply close the page and proceed to scan your computer for any potential adware or PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might have been able to sneak on it. The cause for this is that most people do not land on unsafe websites such as 'TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' pop-up scam willingly, and, instead, they are being redirected there by a shady website or by adware and PUPs.

Failing to notice the red flags and proceeding to call the number opens the users up for numerous additional dangers. Typically, the helpline is described as being toll-free, but most often than not, that is not the case. The fraudsters may ask the users to install a remote desktop access application, which will allow the criminals to drop additional files that could carry malware onto the system. Or, they can abuse the built-in features of the Windows system and pretend to be dealing with the supposed virus. The fraudsters will then demand payment for their 'services.' By employing different social-engineering tactics, the con artists could attempt to extract information from the users.

To reiterate, not a single claim made by the website delivering the ''TROJAN Error Code 0xdc2dgewc' pop-up scam should be taken seriously.


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