TrojanDownloader:Win32/Waledac.C Description

While we are forced to come to grips with the lost of great visionary and technological genius Steve Jobs, heartless cybercriminals choose to strike while the iron is hot, by unleashing varying scams and malware in his name.

Not even a week after the news broke, an email spam campaign that challenged the death of Apple's co-founder and former CEO began circulating. The email is simple in nature and is being sent from a randomly chosen and spoofed email address. The subject line rotates between the below four matters:

  • Steve Jobs Alive!
  • Steve Jobs: Not Dead Yet!
  • Is Steve Jobs Really Dead?
  • Steve Jobs Not Dead!

The body contains a simple line; intro text ("Click to read" OR "Latest Hot News") and the venomous link redirecting anxious clickers or victims to the host site where the payload awaits, which is Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C. Unfortunately, a Trojan downloader only needs a visit to jump down and install its malicious program, which,. in this case, is the circus act of a rogue security program.

Security experts who track and test malware believe the Steve Jobs email spam campaign to be the work of an old enemy, the Waledac botnet, an operation thought to have been beheaded early 2010 by Microsoft. Also, known by its alias Waled and Walepack, the Waledac botnet was comprised of more than 90,000 infected computers that collectively were capable of spamming 1.5 billion messages … per day!

Many hoped the court award allowing Microsoft to confiscate 276 domains used by the Waledac spam gang or botnet would signal the end of the nasty crew. If reports are true, Waledac botnet is alive and well and busy distributing the disrespectful wave of emails exploiting the death of a great icon in the technological field. Whatever you do, do not dishonor someone who revolutionized the mobile commerce and gave us the sweetest Apple we've ever tasted by clicking on the infectious link of Trojan downloader.Waledac.C, also known as Win32/Waledac.C.

Payloads of Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C

Once your system is infected, Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C it will be modify your systemied by Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C to set up defense mechanisms, so it can carry out all Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C's payloads without interference.

  1. The Trojan drops its malicious program in your registry and makes a service entry to run it every time Windows is started.
  2. The Trojan runs an algorithm to find and delete any files updating or running security programs.
  3. The Trojan adds its malicious program to the 'approved programs listing' to bypass firewall.
  4. The Trojan hijacks the browser to block any traffic to helpful websites offering an anti-malware solution to detect or remove Trojan.Downloader.Waledac.C.
  5. The Trojan disables administrative controls like Task Manager to keep the victim from using and stopping its process from running.

Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C is highly skilled and will plant infectious files on your system to support its simulation of a security breach, so you will easily trust the lies being offered via the interface of some rogue security program.
The next time you boot your system, your screen will be flooded by fake warnings and alerts claiming evidence of an intrusion by some unknown virus. The interface of the rogue security program that was previously planted will appear and will run a quick scan without your permission. Do not buy any program you did not load yourself and that runs a scan without your permission!

While you are busy deciding if you should play along and turn over your credit card or bank routing numbers to a hacker, Trojan Downlaoader.Waledac.C is robbing you blind!

  • Vital data stored in your cache – Stolen!
  • Data you may have recently entered into a web-based form – Stolen!
  • Email addresses in your email account – Stolen! Why? To spoof your account and spam your family and friends.

The longer Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C is allowed to fester, the greater the chance a hacker will gain remote access and transform your PC into a zombie, a part of its evil botnet – the Waledac crew.

Stop the vicious cycle and gain back complete control of your PC! Use an aggressive removal tool and technique to find all traces of Downloader.Waledac.C and other malware hiding out in your system's kernel and blast away! Unfortunately, not every anti-virus or anti-spyware program is stealth enough to dig deep where malware loves to hide, i.e. the kernel, BIOS or MBR. Therefore, make sure the tool you use contains an anti-rootkit and offers a customized fix or removal technique that doesn't leave you any ugly surprises – the re-emergence of Trojan Downloader.Waledac.C again and again at each new Windows start.

Until your system is free of malware, do not use your Internet to do online banking or purchasing.

Technical Information

Registry Details

TrojanDownloader:Win32/Waledac.C creates the following registry entry or registry entries:

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