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By Domesticus in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 76
First Seen: October 22, 2012
Last Seen: February 17, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B is a Trojan that strives to connect the infected computer to a remote server to receive and perform instructions, such as to download and run potentially malicious files. TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B can download and install other malware infections on the targeted PC. TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B may come as a malicious file attached to a spam email sent by attackers, for example, an email supposedly sent by, using a spoofed email address. TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B can be distributed as a .ZIP or .RAR archive. The archive includes an executable file having the same file name. If TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B is executed, it inserts a code into the running process 'svchost.exe' which causes the malware infection creating a copy of TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B as a randomly named file.

TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B makes changes to the victimized computer that will laod TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B when Windows started. Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B strives to connect to numerous websites using a crafted web address. The parameters passed by TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B to the website differs among variants of TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B. Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B requests websites that also involve,, and to mix with malicious websites to disguise its traffic requests. When TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B successfully connects to a malicious website, it receives data that instructs TrojanDownloader: Win32/Kuluoz.B to download a malicious file named '3.exe', detected as another malware threat, from the website ''.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
AVG Generic30.ABIX
Fortinet W32/Dloader.SP!tr
Sophos Troj/Agent-YRE
AntiVir TR/Oficla.887621
F-Secure Trojan:W32/Agent.DUGP
Kaspersky Trojan.Win32.Jorik.SmartFortress2012.ty
ClamAV Win.Trojan.Jorik-22
Avast Win32:Crypt-OJD [Trj]
F-Prot W32/Trojan3.EGD
CAT-QuickHeal Trojan.Jorik.SmartFortress201
Kaspersky Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Kuluoz.pnm
Fortinet W32/Zortob.B!tr.dldr
Ikarus Trojan.Win32.FakeAV
AhnLab-V3 Dropper/Win32.OnlineGameHack

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B

File System Details

Trojan.Downloader.Kuluoz.B may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. Game.exe ea8adf1d9c6a76b39c9a3e1a5e8826f0 24
2. kijsvror.exe 96368f63031c28e313e4fd40661ba16d 6
3. cseqxapj.exe 86c0bd399addd50b8f2e45a9102346f3 2
4. ipbilqbt.exe b9a42578cf2fdb4dfc94eb64b4467623 2
5. dexbkhhl.exe 4f393c02cb6545a68d56543471aa35af 2
6. mdpovsjr.exe 61a2f310098b532e62da736eb0b4d7a3 2
7. fraqnden.exe 8eefd53645209f12d75bcf032b334b8e 2
8. sftxfaqg.exe b475ac882aae612611f50eca6ecb057f 2
9. nbaravnd.exe 040f82147733e9782281afa1619c78f4 2
10. utlxoita.exe cec920189f2839b71ae1c4bfb64286c9 2
11. canhdhad.exe dc3deedb6d1708b7827d4e1bf5844a7a 1
12. ulvqvofn.exe 2544e0e8bb0047146a41272fba5c4c29 1
13. hvkexdpj.exe 0e2e1ef473bb731d462fb1c8b3dd7089 1
14. hfxqghas.exe ab25d6dbf9b041c0a7625f660cfa17aa 1
15. kmsiomgg.exe eac088e02b366c535a9c3f085e28fda4 1
16. imkxhjue.exe 775ffce4bf22c8bf60ee8753f2fc5c1d 1
17. hbkrigar.exe 0fcf4928956eb7280904acdb197e55a7 1
18. dsrfcfde.exe 150cd217fce4529003fb18801c86e919 1
19. nqwpxgth.exe 4225acd1a3270d00967eb26ce5efa28a 1
20. kuioscff.exe e7e1b3ef456817d4c55fa74186c9b22a 1
21. wuimeole.exe 43f52ab8ceaccd03881cdf9210562586 1
22. uexsnpih.exe da59d53d5feb526c9c413bee6f1be06c 1
23. amdfftsf.exe 39bb863d14f499f6eac3655a680f98b5 1
24. wabueibr.exe 6b02ed78ef103cae39d6fbbd13ef1afd 1
25. annqbind.exe 72d778938bfcb3f4d380d1d970732b64 1
26. lwjptktp.exe f87baf26619182630b65cf57c7a84f28 1
27. trnwcntl.exe 6b9dc32f593ac89cfd19312ee85f7386 1
28. vpgibvqf.exe f48a6740f2e0d70343f600be12220adc 1
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