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By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The Trojan.Disabler.88 malware is classified as a trojan infection, and it can inject its code in the 'svchost.exe' host process to hide its operations. The Trojan.Disabler.88 malware is deployed in spam emails as an attached PDF file with a double extension that makes it executable. Researchers point out that the Trojan.Disabler.88 malware creates a service named 'WinSamSs' to edit the victim's Windows Registry to disable error reports, clear the 'page.sys' file and prevent users from booting in Safe Mode. Also, the Trojan.Disabler.88 malware disables remote assistance applications and hides its files in the ProgramData and Recycler folders. The Trojan.Disabler.88 malware is programmed to lock your computer, connect to a remote server to inform its operators of a successful infiltration and set a ransom note as your desktop background. The files on your computer are not encrypted as a standard ransomware does but your access to the Internet is limited, and you may not be able to launch programs and receive a remote assistance. The ransom note showed by the Trojan.Disabler.88 malware may instruct you to purchase and transfer Bitcoins to the account of cyber criminals, and you should not do that. Users should incorporate a reputable anti--malware suite in their OS to counter the Trojan.Disabler.88 cyber threat or repair their registry, restore normal Internet access and delete its files.

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