By ZulaZuza in Browser Hijackers is a low quality search engine that is associated with a Potentially Unwanted Program. Websites like are often coupled with browser hijackers or adware designed to promote them by forcing computer users to visit them in a variety of ways. Despite its claims, doesn't have the intention of helping computer users accomplish online searches or to offer any other kind of useful service. Rather, is specifically designed to profit from advertising at the expense of affected computer users. Because of this, repeated redirects or pop-ups associated with should be regarded as suspicious and generally treated as symptoms of a PUP or threats. will Triple Search Your Patience has been linked to numerous problems on affected computer systems. The following symptoms, if present on your computer, need to be removed and malware researchers insistently suggest the use of an effective anti-malware solution to ensure that no threat is present on your computer:

  • PUPs associated with may often cause browser redirects, forcing inexperienced computer users to visit repeatedly. The affected Web browser will constantly be rerouted to, often after clicking on a link, typing in an address or trying to carry out an online search.
  • PUPs linked to may change the affected Web browser's settings, replacing the computer user's homepage and default search engine with
  • PUPs associated with may cause the affected Web browser to display a large number of irritating pop-up messages and advertisements often linked to the website.
  • PUPs associated with may cause performance problems on affected computer systems. In many cases, content associated with may cause the affected Web browser to slow down, freeze or crash frequently.
  • may compromise your privacy by saving your search and browsing history and then relaying it to other ill-intended people.


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