The website may sound like a place where one can find news about current events, trending topics, and interesting facts. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The site is nothing more than yet another fake page that has only one intention – to hijack their visitors’ Web browser notifications.

Tricks Users into Permitting Notifications

Operators of bogus websites like the page generate revenue from spamming their users with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications. One of the tricks that the site is likely to utilize is to claim that it is hosting an engaging video, an article on a hot topic, or a gallery of high-quality images. However, the site would claim that if the user wants to view the content in question, they will have to click on the ‘Allow’ button. You may think that allowing a site to display Web browser notifications is no big deal, but you may change your mind after you witness first hand how the page is bombarding its visitors with ads, even when they are browsing other websites. Apart from the fact that the advertisements will likely be completely irrelevant to the user’s interests, shady sites like the page often promote dodgy products and fraudulent services. The motive behind this is the fact that dubious websites tend to work alongside low-quality advertisement networks. This is why users often report that they are being spammed with ads about shady gambling sites, illegal platforms streaming pirated content, adult entertainment, etc.

Users should remember that if a website is asking them to perform a certain action, like allow Web browser notifications, in order to view the content they are hosting, it is likely that this is a bogus page. There is little to no chance that the website in question will be hosting any content of value, and you are better off avoiding it altogether. Users who are receiving Web browser notifications from the website should revoke the permissions given to this shady page via their Web browser notifications.


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