Total Antivirus 2020

Online conmen have created yet another rogue anti-malware application. The name of this new rogue utility is Total Antivirus 2020. The fraudsters have adopted the name of a legitimate product known as Total Antivirus 2020 or TotalAV. However, you can rest assured that the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 has nothing to do with the developers of legitimate security utility.

The bogus Total Antivirus 2020 is likely distributed with the help of fraudulent advertisments, dodgy Web browser pop-ups, fake application downloads, etc. The conmen who developed the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 have used rather outdated design, which may raise the suspicion of their targets who may spot that something is not quite right. Once the fake Total Antivirus 2020 is installed on your PC, it will make sure to gain persistence on your system by modifying the Windows Registry, as well as the Windows Task Scheduler. This would allow the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 to be executed every time you reboot your computer. After completing this task, the fraudulent Total Antivirus 2020 will start presenting you with fake alerts and reports in regard to your PC's health and safety. This rogue application may claim that:

  • You have been targeted by a hacker who is attempting to collect sensitive data from your system.
  • You need to carry out certain actions to avoid losing your privacy or having your files taken.
  • Legitimate files are actually associated with threats whose goal is to spy on you or lock your data to blackmail you.
  • A network intrusion has occurred, and hackers may be able to access information such as Gmail, PayPal and Facebook login credentials.

The purpose of the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 is to convince the users that there are various, serious issues present on their systems, which they need to take care of as soon as possible. The bogus security application will claim that if the users purchase the full version of the application, all their PC issues will be taken care of. However, the security reports generated by the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 are made up completely, and you should not misspend your money on this useless product.

If you want to disable the bogus Total Antivirus 2020 temporarily, you can use the ALKJ-SALM-POIY-OLKH activation key. Once you have this done, you should make sure to remove the rogue Total Antivirus 2020 from your system with the assistance of an up-to-date, genuine anti-virus utility.


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