Threat Database Adware TopicLookup


By GoldSparrow in Adware

TopicLookup is advertised as a legitimate application that can help computer users with their queries on the Web. However, its true intention is to flood the computer user's device with countless advertisements. TopicLookup's main targets are the computers and devices that execute the Mac operation system. TopicLookup is classified as adware. Adware is not considered threatening because its actions may not cause harm to the computer or its owner. However, these actions can become very annoying due to the excessive amount of advertisements it displays. Also, by clicking on these advertisements, the computer user may be redirected to unsafe places such as corrupted websites. Another negative aspect of TopicLookup is that it can collect information like the machine's geolocation, IP address, search history, visited websites and more.

Any application that collects information without the computer user knowledge should be considered unwanted, and this is why the recommendation of security experts is to remove the TopicLookup application from an infected machine as soon as possible. Doing it, computer users will keep their information safe and will not be exposed to unwanted advertisements.


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