Top 10 Toolbar

Top 10 Toolbar Description

ScreenshotThe Top 10 Toolbar has been known to cause browser redirects and other adware or browser hijacker symptoms. The Top 10 Toolbar is used to redirect computer users to the Conduit search engine, a website that has become infamous because of its association with these types of browser hijackers. The developers of the Top 10 Toolbar can profit from forcing computer users to use this search engine repeatedly. The Top 10 Toolbar is also used to profit from affiliate marketing by exposing the computer user to pay-per-click advertisements or sponsored links. The Top 10 Toolbar has components that can spy on your online activity and then sell this data to marketers or use it to deliver advertisements to your computer.

What You Should Expect When Infected by the Top 10 Toolbar

The Top 10 Toolbar affects the victim's Web browser by changing its settings and altering how it connects to the Internet. The Top 10 Toolbar redirects computer users to the Conduit Web page and to several other URLs associated with the Top 10 Toolbar. The Top 10 Toolbar will also make the affected Web browser display advertisements both in the form of pop-up windows or advertisements that slide horizontally on the bottom of your Web browser window. Another aspect of the Top 10 Toolbar that may worry some computer users is that the Top 10 Toolbar may affect your computer's performance, reducing your Internet connection speed, causing your Web browser to become slow and unresponsive, and resulting in crashes and other performance problems in general. One common complaint related to the Top 10 Toolbar is that the Top 10 Toolbar causes Web pages to load much slower than normal.

Stopping Symptoms Related to the Top 10 Toolbar

To stop redirects, pop-ups and other symptoms associated with Top 10 Toolbar, you should remove this Web browser extension at once. This can be achieved through the use of the Control Panel or your Web browser's settings. Once you have uninstalled the Top 10 Toolbar, some files may still remain on your computer. Because of this, ESG malware analysts recommend running a full scan of your computer using a strong anti-malware utility. Finally, you should restore to normal any unwanted changes made to your Web browser settings.

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